STRONG TALK – tips for dealing with a critic,control freak or verbal bully

Are you dealing with a critic, control freak or verbal bully?

Does someone delight in making your life difficult and you feel you are ‘walking on eggshells’ around this person because you never know what might trigger a tirade?

Description: This workshop is based on hundreds of interviews with people who finally figured out how to stop someone who was trying to run and ruin their life. Specific suggestions include:

  • ‘Do the you’ and hold bullies accountable for dark remarks
  • Beat ‘em to the punch…line with a quip pro quo
  • Put all kidding aside (and cease the tease once and for all)
  • Act on (versus act out) your anger so you don’t suffer in silence
  • Be positively intolerant and adopt a ‘don’t you dare’ attitude
  • Refuse to play the blame-shame game or buy tickets for guilt trips
  • ‘Lean on we’ so you’re not running on empty and going it alone
  • Give school yard bullies of any age an education
  • ‘Save yourself’ from tyrants who belittle you so they can feel big