I Got It! #6 Finding Balance – Reframe your priorities

I finally decided to take me own advice and prioritize my “things to do list” and give myself time to ask, ‘is there a better or different way to do this?’ For 34 years I have hosted my mother-in-law’s birthday party. I love to entertain and cook and today is her 82 birthday.

Friday I did a half day workshop and tomorrow I am leaving to do two days of presentations in Toronto. I love to do workshops and seminars. Preparation takes time and after it takes me at least one day to re-energize and get ready for whatever is going on next.

In the old days I would have ‘done it all’ most likely at my own expense. Not so today. Saturday I did some work in our yard and went to spend time with our grandsons. Today I made time to go to church. In the old days I would not have taken any ‘me’ time.

Just because ‘you’ve always done it that way’ doesn’t mean it works for you now. Make a quick list of everything you have planned for tomorrow. Is there a way to create some time for reflection, exercise and laughter? What can you do differently and still attain the same results?

I do a 1.5 hour workshop called “Finding Balance in Off-Balance” times – over the past year I have begun to incorporate the 7 step program into my daily life. It is making a positive difference.

How do you find balance? I’d love to hear.