I Got It! #15 Why Do Bad Things Happen – Reframe!

One of my favourite coaching clients recently lamented “Why do these things always happen to me?” We both smiled and she said “Okay I know you are going to tell me to “reframe and carry on.” Bad things happen to us all and we are the only ones who can say “this too shall pass,” or “in the scheme of things will it matter in 5 minutes or 5 months.” “I must simply build a bridge and get over it. ”

Or if we can do something about it then do it and not just continue to think about it. A planned action will often help us resolve something that has bothered us for a long while. If you feel you need to address the issue then sit down and write a list of what will could happen if you do address it and what will happen if you do not. Once you have carefully considered the list and the possible repercussions of addressing it then make a decision and carry on.

It’s Friday. Don’t let something simmer all weekend. Make a plan. Make a decision and then focus on a week end where you put yourself and your loved ones first. Listen to the way you are talking to yourself. Are you making things worse? Only you can make that choice.