I Got It! #17 Want Some Quick Book Marketing Tips?

Getting your books into as many libraries as possible is a great way to build momentum. Most public libraries will buy more than one copy so it just makes sense to make sure they know about your latest offering.  In Canada there are over 21,000 libraries so think about sales if each one bought 10 books.

  1. First ask your friends and colleagues to recommend your book at their local library. Provide them with the ISBN #, Title, Author, Publication Date and Publisher name and contact.
  1. While you can approach Canadian libraries separately, you might like to ensure that your book is available for purchase through all of the following:

Library Bound Inc http://www.librarybound.com/
Library Services Centre http://www.lsc.on.ca/
Whitehots Canadian Library Services  http://www.whitehots.com/

I’m sure there are compatible lists in the United States and as soon as I research it I will let you know the links. Good luck!

Just in case you want to recommend my book here is what you need:

Title: Got It! 21 Communiation Tips for Busy, Impateint People

Author: Joan Craven

ISBN: 978-1-60976-690-0

Publisher:Eloquent Books (January 2011)

Pubisher: Strategic BOok Group

Ordering information:BookOrder@AEG-Online-Store.com

The book is also available in the Kindle form.

Thanks for your help in getting the word out! :)