I Got It! #27 Got Tips for Family Caregivers?

I phoned my friend to wish her happy anniversary. Instead of being able to go out and celebrate she will visit her mother-in-law who has been in the hospital for over 10 days and is now waiting for a placement into an Assisted Daily Living facility. After checking in on her MIL (mother in law) she will find out what room her mother is in as she was rushed to the hospital this morning too. The only bright spot is they are both in the same hospital, which is a blessing in our city of over a million.

Then I chatted with another friend who just got home from picking up some groceries for her parents. Her mom wasn’t up to going and her dad was having ‘a quiet day.’  This friend had planned to stop in and see her son and wife and new baby however she was too tired and was heading home.

We are the sandwich generation. Both my in-laws have passed away in the past 18 months and my own parents have their ups and downs.

We all talk about how we want to help, the guilt we feel when we make a choice to take a break for a day or two and what can we do to make their lives and our own better. There seem to be no easy answers and sometimes it makes one think about our own aging and what plans we can or should make. Plans need to be made and often before we think we need to!

What has been your experience? Any tips?