# 38 Lower Expectations Forgive Yourself

Are we as kind to ourselves as we are to our friends? That’s often a question I ask. If we aren’t kind to ourselves how can we expect others to be kind? Can we forgive ourselves for our mistakes? We all make them. Can we sometimes complete taks that aren’t perfect? Remember that good enough is often good enough.

Too often we set our personal expectations so high that not even Superwoman or Superman could meet our goals. Whether it is for our relationships with others, or the work we do, it’s time to consider just what we are asking of ourselves.

  • Is it realistic?
  • Will it matter in five days, five months or five years if “it” is not quite perfect?

These two simple questions, will give you a gauge to assist you to set realistic personal goals that are specific, attainable, measurable and have a time limit. Whether you are at work, caring for aging parents, children we must stop and care for ourselves. You are worth it!