Got It! Testimonials

Joan Craven demonstrates her mastery of communications by weaving theory, experience and thought-provoking questions into a quick and easy read that is a practical guide to effective communication principles. If you want to improve communication skills for yourself, your family or your team, you must get GOT IT!

Don Boynton
Executive Director, Corporate Communication
Travel Alberta

Got It! is a filled with thought-provoking ideas to help you communicate with anyone in a caring, honest manner without compromising your values. Joan’s compassionate voice resonates throughout.

Susan DuHamel
Communications Consultant

Joan Craven brings a practical and thoughtful approach to the communication opportunities and challenges that senior leaders encounter daily. Joan’s wealth of experience is demonstrated by the clear and direct strategies that empower and enable us all to be more effective communicators and leaders.

Don Hoium
Director of Education
Regina Public Schools

Having sincere and respectful communication in the workplace is something I strongly believe in, and the techniques discussed in the book will definitely help develop this kind of culture. In particular, I think the advice on handling difficult conversations will be useful to both new and experienced managers. The book provides many useful tips for a manager’s toolbox.

Kevin Chan
General Manager
Blue Tongue Entertainment

Joan’s honest, insightful words give me hope that through thoughtful communications the quality of my relationships with others will improve. Her easy-to-incorporate techniques are clearly articulated and make sense. Readers will feel supported and optimistic that they will improve their communication skills.

Ruth Ridgeway
Training Coordinator
Insights Vacations

Got It! could aptly be renamed the Little Book of Hundreds of Useful Ideas! This is a book that should be at the side of the desk and reflected on often by busy executives, students or anyone who simply wants to improve their verbal or communication skills. It’s full of constructive ideas and common sense guidelines for improving what each of us does every day. It’s the best two hours of reading I have spent in a long time.

Monty Carter
Senior Vice President Sales, Enterprise Solutions

Got It! will empower anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. Whether you’re a CEO, educator, new grad, entrepreneur or parent, these insightful examples and insights show how to get along better with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. Read it and reap.

Sam Horn
The Intrigue Expert and author of POP! and Tongue Fu!®

At a time when the means by which we communicate are changing so rapidly, there are some incredibly simple yet poignant tactics here that stand to save a lot of stress and frustration. Despite these changes in  speed and method of communication, the basic principles of communication remain the same and the next generation of leaders would do well to be reminded of them.

Gordon Ritchie
RBC Capital Markets

If you are seeking simple to implement, pragmatic tips to improve your effectiveness through better communications and management skills, then this book is for you!  It’s quick  to read and easy to remember.

Sarah Raiss
Executive Vice-President of Corporate Services