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I Got It! #23 Ice Breakers for Groups

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

I am preparing a hand-out for a talk I’m giving and decided to put together my favourite ice breakers. They are large and small group activities that promote fun-learning. Some help listening skills, how it feels when change happens and ways to find common ground with a group. Here is an easy one. If you would like the hand-out please subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll be happy to send them out.

What’s In Your Wallet?
Choose one item in your purse, briefcase or wallet.
Tell your partner why that item is significant to you.

I Got It! #16 Want Help For Dealing With Difficult People Who Block?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Do you work with someone who will not accept a new idea? Do they have rigid opinions? Here are a couple of phrases to try:

  1. Agree with part of what they say, “Joan you are correct.  We have done it another way.  I’m anxious not to throw out what works. What I am anxious to do it think about efficiency and profitability so that we can survive and still all have jobs. Joan wouldn’t you agree that it is time to let this go and move on?”
  2. Look at what comes next. ” Joan, look at it from the companies point of view. What are two important things to consider as we institute this new approach?

You want to respect the past yet take the best into the future.

I Got It! #14 What’s Happening in Writing and Publishing Today?

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Yesterday I attended a thought-provoking workshop called Secure Footing in a Changing Literary Landscape. Some interesting tidbits I learned from writers and speakers Betsy Warland ( and Kelly Duffin included:

  • The future for writers is fantastic because we are now free to create our own books, forge innovative collaborates to produce books, promote our passion for our subject in unlimited ways and continually reinvent ourselves
  • We will need gumption and adaptability to learn this new way of writing
  • Many publishers are checking with big box wholesalers before they accept your manuscript . Saleability is what it is all about.
  • Over the next 10 -15 years there will be a 10-12 million drop in readers as post- baby boomers pass away
  • The average adolescent texts over 40,000 words per month
  • I need to change the photo on my website because crossed arms means I’m not to be trusted :)
  • One of the most trusted sources on the web are personal BLOGS

The Writers Union of Canada ( is running these workshops and I’m glad I attended. Made me think about new ways to market Got It!