Workshop Testimonials

Joan’s presentation style is easy to listen too and she gave us great strategies.

The session made me think about how I communicate and gave me great ideas to help me communicate with staff and families.

Thank you very much for the inspirational and engaging session.

The half day session made me think about all my values and put things into perceptive.

The exercises were useful for self-reflection and I appreciated the the time to talk to team members.

Joan kept the group focused and on task.

PREP program, Calgary Alberta January 12, 2012

Joan worked with a group of twenty-one senior staff and managers for three, three hour sessions. She is very straight forward, trustworthy, and knowledgeable and was able to relate to the variety of ages and stages of our group. Her sense of humour and easy approachable manner, plus her understanding of the need for adults to have discussion time made this a very worthwhile experience. My staff gained valuable knowledge about the importance of clear communication and the sessions also proved to be a great opportunity for team building. We are still using her “Tongue Fu” techniques as we go forward with a new Coaching process.

Susan Andrews
Human Resources and Payroll Manager
Excel Homes/Apex Land

We invited Joan Craven to visit our technology department in 2007 to speak with our Help Desk consultants.  When word got around, many other groups within our department expressed interest in attending her workshop.  Joan completed two workshops, each with 40 people.  Our sessions focused on customer service.  The response from those who attended these sessions was outstanding.  We learned how specific words can hinder communication with clients and Joan showed us how we could use simple techniques to improve our customer service skills.  Joan was well prepared and kept the audience very engaged.  Our staff enjoyed the workshop and I would highly recommend it.

Alanna Collicutt

Academic Information and Communication Technologies

AICT Product Sales, University of Alberta