With over 25 years of experience in the communications industry, Joan has seen first-hand the devastating consequences of poor communication and the trans formative benefits of strong interpersonal and organizational communication.

She believes that good communication is the ability to build strong relationships so people trust you, respect your opinions, listen to you and want to understand your point of view. She is committed to helping your organization or group build your communications skills in a practical, fun-filled way.

Over the past five years Joan has presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of participants. Many groups invite her back, which is testament to the high quality of information she provides.

Joan’s specific credentials include:

  • Certified Tongue Fu® Instructor (a trade-marked program for turning conflict into cooperation)
  • Certified Take the Bully By the Horns®  Instructor( a trade-marked program for dealing with verbal bullies)
  • Project Management Course, University of Calgary, 2000
  • Director of Communications, United Way of Calgary and Area 2001-2003
  • Communications Officer, Rocky View School Division 1999-2001
  • Acting Director of Multimedia Studio (ATTS), Calgary Board of Education 1998-1999
  • Manager of Communications, Calgary Board of Education 1997-1998
  • National Education Newsletter publisher/editor 1994-1995
  • Contributor to CBC radio and TV 1985-1999