Professional Coaching

Joan will create a motivating environment where you can explore what you want in life and how you might achieve your aspirations. After time for reflection, Joan will provide guidance about how to put communication skills and practises into action.

Joan’s areas of interest/expertise include:

So You Want To Write a Book – Joan will support you through the planning and writing so you see your dream become a reality.

Communication Support – Joan’s experience, honesty and tenacity will help you become a communicator who is able to build positive interpersonal relationships with anybody, anytime.


Joan will meet with your group, listen and then set up a timetable to:

  • clarify the goals for your planning session so that they are clear, concise, meaningful and achievable
  • develop an agenda to address the issues that you need to address
  • facilitate the session to keep the group “on task”, “on target”, and “on time”
  • document the results of the meeting to capture the key decisions and action plans