Keynote or Lunch & Learn Topics

You can count on Joan to capture and keep the attention of your audience with thought-provoking quotes, action-oriented suggestions, and her keen sense of humor. You won’t just sit and listen. You will be involved.  Joan develops and delivers keynotes or workshops to suit your needs. Past topics include:

  • If Today Was A Fish I’d Throw It Back In the River (Time Management and Setting Goals)
  • Why Can’t You Hear What I’m Saying? …Clarifying Your Message Will Increase Sales
  • Dealing with Verbal Bullies, Control Freaks and Critics
  • Seal The Deal (Words Matter)
  • This Sandwich Generationer Has Spent Too Long On A Hot Bus – I’m Starting To Turn! (Care giving)
  • Why Didn’t Feel Real Good (Honest, Authentic people)
  • Where Have All The Hours Gone? (Time Management)
  • Stop, Look and Listen Before You Cross the Speak
  • Hope Might Spring Eternal And  If You Want To Write A Book Just Begin (Realizing Your Dream of Writer)
  • Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me? (Consultant ups and downs)

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Do you wander from task to task? Have you always wanted to write a book yet never can put pen to paper or fingers to the keys?


Eda J. LeShan says “It’s better to be over the hill, then under it.” When you are juggling a variety of priorities how do you stop and make sure you care for yourself?

Take the Bully By The Horns®

Bullies are no longer just found on the playground. Workplace bullying is a growing phenomenon. First one needs to realize it is a problem and learn how to identify a bully. There are some common traits that make the bully stand out from the other difficult people you may encounter. People often think if they [...]

Tongue Fu® – the art of dealing with difficult people without becoming one yourself

Tongue Fu® – marital arts for the mind and mouth – is a fascinating, one-of-a-kind presentation featuring dozens of diplomatic and practical responses to situations you face every day. Joan is a certified instructor and with her ability to connect with her audience, use humour, and provide practical tips using examples taken right out of [...]

What About Me? Help for the Family Caregiver

Get rid of guilt and develop strategies so you can be the kind of family caregiver you want to be and still have a life of your own. Practical tips to use right away from someone who is living the life of family caregiver and still keeping her sense of humour… most days.