Who Should Attend Her Programs?

People at all levels will find Joan’s programs fast-paced, thought-provoking and useful. Her information appeals to executives, front-line employees, managers, administrative staff, salespeople and entrepreneurs. Her ideas can be applied at work, home, and in the community so people from all walks of life derive both personal and professional value from her presentations.

What’s the Return on Investment?

We know it can be a logistical and financial challenge to take time away from work to participate in training. That’s why Joan’s programs give people practical ideas and skills that they can use immediately. Short term gains will continue to grow as participants use their new knowledge and skills to reap real-world results. An investment in Craven Communications is an investment in your future.

What Do You Need?

Joan will access your needs and develop a unique workshop to fit your company or organization. She believes that adult learners must be involved and able to share their expertise. We can all learn from each other.  Her workshops are practical and fun while based on a sound communication knowledge.

To discuss your needs, call her or email her today.


Communication Planning

Plan the work, work the plan Communication to keep teamwork alive Define long and short term goals Develop strong questions Look at your strategic goals and see if your plan is aligned Evaluation – how are we doing?

TONGUE FU® – the art of dealing with difficult people

Poor communication can wreck havoc on relationships and cause irreversible pain. Effective communications, on the other hand, can help your team members have the incentive to support (vs. sabotage) each other. Improved communication results in increased loyalty and increased motivation to do your best day in and day out. Tongue Fu® delivers real-life ways to [...]


Are you running on empty? Do you sometimes feel like a squirrel on drugs? Description: Come hear Joan’s 10 Step Program and develop a plan to gain back control within your life – physically, emotionally and socially. Learn how to edit your negative self talk and identify what is in your control and what is [...]

STRONG TALK – tips for dealing with a critic,control freak or verbal bully

Are you dealing with a critic, control freak or verbal bully? Does someone delight in making your life difficult and you feel you are ‘walking on eggshells’ around this person because you never know what might trigger a tirade? Description: This workshop is based on hundreds of interviews with people who finally figured out how [...]


Are you sometimes stumped at what to say? When in the heat of the moment we often can’t come up with response that will defuse the conversation instead of escalating it. Do you dread meeting with specific groups? Description: This hands-on workshop will provide communication tips and time for discussion and practice as well as [...]

DO YOU WALK THE TALK? Focus on clear consistent messaging

When asked what do you do? What makes you unique? Does everyone give the same answer? We often think all employees are communicating the same thing, however the message that the listener is receiving can be quite different. Description:How do you achieve consistency and tailor all your messages…even those you give at a local house [...]


Do you want to retain your existing customers and attract new ones? This workshop is for you as we explore customer service techniques that work. Also includes techniques from Tongue Fu© – the art of dealing wit difficult people, without becoming one yourself. Description: Whether you are a member of a team or interacting with [...]