Rewire Before You Expire…New Beginnings

Our future caregivers!

Tomorrow school begins for many Canadian students. It always makes me think of new beginnings.

What are you beginning today? I thought today is the perfect time to launch my BLOG….. Rewire Before You Expire….a blog that I hope will help baby boomers think about aging.

Over the winter I took a course on Memoir Writing. It inspired me to begin writing again. Besides cooking, baking and reading, I find joy when writing.

While a memoir isn’t in the cards for me, I would like to write another book about aging. Everything we read today is full of warnings about the plethora of aging baby boomers. We’ve been an action-oriented generation. Let’s not let aging just happen. Let’s think about what we need and then how we can achieve it.

What will happen to us as services dry up and costs skyrocket? None of us want to be a burden to our children. What can we do?

First we have to educate ourselves. It’s time to think about uncomfortable topics and make plans. If you’ve been as blessed as my husband and I who had parents in our lives for over 60 years we have plenty of background information.

How can we apply that to our situation? That’s what I have been pondering for the past year. I have spoken to caregivers and read countless books and research pieces. Now it’s time to put the fingers to the keys and begin.

I hope you will join me and enjoy the journey!

Please excuse the mix-ups as I am learning the technology associated with the BLOG…. I like to challenge myself and this has certainly done that!

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  1. Hi Joan, this blog sounds like it’s going to be interesting and educational. I’m so sorry I didn’t get in touch with you when we were in Alberta but my sister Faye had our itinerary packed full. After I saw the pic of you and Pam I was kicking myself. I missed Pam too. One question- when did you move to a different school? I have school pic of us in Grade 7 with Mrs. Morrison. I will enjoy following your blog and add some more tid bits of my life. Good Luck!


    1. Hi Joan, I totally understand. With family and friends there it is busy. I moved after grade 8. Maybe another time if you are coming we can all get together. Pam, Janice, Sandra, Elizabeth and Janice….fun memories. I like seeing your family.


      1. Way to go Mom! Love reading this ! My mom rocks and is absolutely amazing and brilliant!! 😘😘😘🥳🤗


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