Thanksgiving…count your many blessings

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Friends

I can remember following my Grandmother around the house trying to figure out what she was saying. When I asked she said “I’m counting my blessings.” My grandma was wise. Science shows if we focus on our blessings our lives are enriched.

In Canada we celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday. I’m feeling blessed as I think about all the reasons I am thankful. So here are my blessings today.

  1. I am thankful for all the relationships I have made over my 66 years. As I age I realize how important all relationships are to my well-being.
  2. I find I am much more honest about what I need. If I feel like reading all morning I can. To my surprise, I’ve realized my ‘batteries’ get charged by being alone. I try to honour that.
  3. I don’t have as many set commitments so I am able to spend more time with loved ones. What a blessing.
  4. I am blessed to be able to pursue some life-long dreams.
  5. I fell blessed because I have learned not to worry about things I can not control. If I can’t fix it my focus becomes one of accepting what I cannot change.
  6. Because many close friends have not had the opportunity to age, I try to feel blessed for the new aches and pains… just because I am still here to actually feel them!
  7. I’m blessed that I can choose to learn new things. (Learning the ins and out of WordPress where I create this Blog is definitely stretching.)
  8. I’m blessed because I have time to meet new people and hear new ideas. I value the gift of time.
  9. I feel blessed I am able watch my grandchildren and grandnieces and nephews grow up. What a gift to watch.
  10. I feel blessed that I can be more forgiving not just of others, also myself. With more experiences and wisdom I’m able to be much kinder.

What are your blessings each day?

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