Question Your Federal Candidates….let’s make the care of seniors in Long Term Facilities a top priority this election

Ask Federal Candidates why Long Term Care (LTC) is not under the Canada Health Act and why federal standards have not been set. If we don’t keep LTC front and centre, our most vulnerable seniors will continue to suffer. Act today! Your voice will make a difference.

What Can We Do Because If We Are Blessed We Will Live a Long Life….And If We Do, In The Existing Care System ,The Outlook Isn’t Rosy!!!!

Action is needed if we want compassionate care for our seniors. Two first steps needed are: 1. that our provincial government establish one department that handles all aspects of senior care. 2 that there is one place where people can find information regarding senior care. Write letters, ask for timelines demand answers. Act today.

Healthy Mind and Body Equals a Happier, Longer Life

Keep moving. Challenge yourself to exercise your brain in new ways. Rent a metal detector, try a new musical instrument or exercise program. Keep going, trying new things so we can embrace the next months.

The Future of Care For Seniors….It’s Time To Stop Talking and Act!

Senior care needs action now! Instead of the Federal and Provincial governments saying they understand concerns, they need to implement the processes and standards that have been identified to stop the needless annihilation of our seniors.