Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) ….a cost effective way to support seniors

NORCs could be a low cost approach to health aging. They certainly make more sense than building more long term care homes.

Baby Boomers Can Plan Ahead -Talk, Explore Options and Achieve Peace of Mind

It is time to look at your future. The more plans you put in place the easier it will be on yourself as well as others when faced with the inevitable changes of aging. Act now.

Question Your Federal Candidates….let’s make the care of seniors in Long Term Facilities a top priority this election

Ask Federal Candidates why Long Term Care (LTC) is not under the Canada Health Act and why federal standards have not been set. If we don’t keep LTC front and centre, our most vulnerable seniors will continue to suffer. Act today! Your voice will make a difference.

What Can We Do Because If We Are Blessed We Will Live a Long Life….And If We Do, In The Existing Care System ,The Outlook Isn’t Rosy!!!!

Action is needed if we want compassionate care for our seniors. Two first steps needed are: 1. that our provincial government establish one department that handles all aspects of senior care. 2 that there is one place where people can find information regarding senior care. Write letters, ask for timelines demand answers. Act today.

Just In Case Binder – being thoughtful to those left behind

Planning for the future? You might want to look at a ‘Just In Case’ Binder that will contain all important information that your loved ones will need for your end of life. How falls can change your life when you are a senior. #seniors; #falls for seniors; #planning for future seniors

Action Required

Baby boomers need to plan for their future. There is no other stage in life that requires so much preparation. Staying in our own homes makes economic sense. Demand changes so this is one option. Home care needs a total overhaul and it must begin today. No more excuses. We seniors are worth it.

THE CALL … the call for help, the call for change, the call for action (Caregiving Journey)

It’s time to rethink how we care for the elderly. We don’t need more long-term beds in institutions. We need money redirected into Home Care. Seniors want to stay in their own homes. Aging in place is a much more cost-effective and dignified way to treat those who built our country. However, for seniors to safely remain in their homes, we need supports and services in place and easy access to those services. Change needs too begin today!


CARE OF OUR ELDERLY…Public policy needs to be written with clear responsibility lines. Politicians must act boldly across all levels of government, and deliverables and timelines written.