An Unexpected Gift

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Self isolation during this pandemic has given us the gift of time…something to savour or save for later. For me, it is to consciously slow down. It’s been an interesting exercise.

I am now aware of my speed when eating, I don’t rush when I’m cooking or baking, I try to focus on the job at hand and not accomplish two or three things at once and when I phone a friend I don’t multi-task. Most times I’m successful and when I find my mind wandering I try to rope it in!

This really isn’t in my nature so when I’m reading I now have a piece of paper close by and I attempt to write down whatever pops in my mind so I can concentrate just on reading. It’s an on-going difficult exercise because even as I’m writing this I am thinking of things to do and what I want to accomplish next.

My exercise of choice has always been walking. I enjoy walking with a friend and chatting as we go. The time passes quickly and I come home stimulated and happy. The struggle has always been… do I want to waste the hour on walking when I have so much I could accomplish.

My husband strongly believes that when retired one of our jobs needs to be our daily fitness. So if I can keep his mind-set I must work walking into my day. We live on the 16th floor of a condo apartment building and walking the stairs would certainly be advised even when I think …do I have time and how boring. Now, I have absolutely no reason to avoid the stairs. I have the time……

I’ve never been a movie or television watcher and when I do watch I play on my IPAD, sort papers, clean silverware, walk in and out of the room as I like to accomplish some other task. Now I am consciously trying to just concentrate on the show or movie. Not easy at all and I’m still not successful!

By nature I’m messy. Piles of things don’t bother me and so in our small condo I am trying to find places for everything. I have to consciously think if I take it out, it must go back. When a task is completed I am trying to clean up immediately. I know I have the time. I don’t have the excuse that I must rush off to the next event.

I’m not always winning this one as right now I have clothes that need ironing and folding draped over a living room chair…..learning new habits take 21 days and while we have been in self-isolation for 57 days I guess I’m still trying to change this life-long habit!

I am also thinking of new ways to connect with friends and family. Phone calls, ZOOM meetings and writing letters have become an important part of my day. I took the time to write all our grandchildren a letter.

I do wonder if our 17 month old grand daughter will think we live in the IPHONE! The other grandkids happily chat to us on FaceTime as they wander around the house so we get excellent views of the ceiling, floors and walls…sometimes I need a anti-nausea drug after these chats!

COVID is giving us all the gift of time. How are you using yours? What has been your biggest learning during this COVID 19 pandemic? How do you think you will change once we begin to venture back into our world?

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  1. As usual Joan you are very perceptive and I am sure many of us can recognize ourselves in some of your vivid descriptions of your thoughts and behaviour. Thanks for sharing and bringing some interesting ideas to the light.


  2. Thank you Joan! I have been going through old photo albums and sending photos to the grands of their parents when they were kids. They love getting mail! I agree with Bob….so imperative to exercise every day. i love to walk but I MUST do weightbearing stuff more often. I find it boring but must get past this.

    Anxiety can cripple me… this Covid thing is a challenge to navigate. I am seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. BC has excellent leadership so I am grateful for this!

    Our new normal……it won’t include long hugs with friends probably…and I will miss this.

    Love your blog!!! Stay well Joan and Bob


  3. This is certainly a learning experience for all of us. In some ways, I’m more productive now than I have ever been, because I’m focusing more on the task at hand and flitting less. I’m inspired by Bob’s observation that fitness is one of our jobs in retirement. Must get out of this chair! Thanks for the blog, Joan.


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